Adventures of Logan: Logan’s Rules for Playing with his Action Figures

There are rules you must follow if you want to play with action figures. Lots of rules.

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This morning I told Logan to come give me a hug.

He starts kindergarten in about two weeks; in about two weeks, I wont have my little guy with me all day, every day, any more.

Logan told me, “You’ll miss me a lot when I’m at school

I said yes, I would.

But it’s OK,”he said. “You can play with my super-hero action figures when you feel alone when I’m at school.

Oh, thanks!” I said. “That is very nice of you. Is there anything I should know about them before I play with them?

Yes.” he said. “There are a few rules.

ohhhh….this should be fun.

The first rule is, don’t break them.” he said.

OK” I said. I can handle that.

The second rule is, don’t light them on fire” he said.

OK. I think I can handle this one, too.

The third rule is, don’t put them in your mouth, or any human’s mouth” he said.

Got it. Don’t put in mouths. Check.

And don’t ever throw them out the window” he continued.

is there anything else i can’t do?” I asked

well….you can’t feed the squirrels with them” he said.

Sure. That makes sense.

…and you can only have two in your bed or you will lose them.

This is what Matt and I have been telling him every night for months now. Glad to see it sunk in.

…and you can’t wash them in the washer, either. You have to check all your pockets before you wash your clothes to make sure you don’t wash them, ok?

He kept going…

And don’t BBQ them or eat them for steak, OK? And don’t plant any of them either.”

Darn. I was kind of looking forward to a dinner of Captain America under a Super-Woman tree.

You’re not gonna forget the rules, right?” he asked.

Right. I’ve got them written down, right here, so I don’t forget…


2 thoughts on “Adventures of Logan: Logan’s Rules for Playing with his Action Figures

  1. When my Dad came to visit, I told Bryce he had an important job … to show “Grandpa Dan” around the house, and make sure he knew what was going on.

    “I can tell him stuff too!” Bryce said. When I asked what, he showed me.

    “Don’t go like this,” he said, climbing over the back of the couch to sit on the front.

    “And never do this,” he said, demonstrating a slow slide off the arm of the abused, aforementioend couch.

    “And you can’t shoot Nerf at the TV.”

    Good for any 53-year-old man to remember.

    • Brilliant! I think that was rather good of Bryce; you never know what those middle-aged men are going to do with a couch and TV…he was just looking out for you…:)

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