Recipe:Puyallup Fair Scones

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It wouldn’t be Fair Food Week here at Sugar Mama Baking Company if we didn’t include–and worship–my original Fair Food Favorite, The Scone. It is especially important to me to share this treat with my son, Logan, so he can have a taste of my childhood, and his grandmother’s childhood, too.

These scones are special to me; when I was 8 I was in Dog 4-H. You know I lived in a non-agri area because 4-H for canines had its own barn on the fair grounds. When I got to Idaho I was shocked–pick-my-jaw-up-off-the-floor-shocked–to learn that 1) there wasn’t a “dog barn” at the Twin Falls County Fair and 2)no body had even heard of “Dog 4-H”

But I have. ..Because I’ve lived it. Me and my dachshund, Doc ( a clear example of why a 5-year-old shouldn’t name a dog) went to the fairgrounds early in the morning and stayed until after dark, every day, for seven days, hoping to make it to Puyallup. (…and by the way, Puyallup–PEW-All-Up–is the Washington State Fair. It is huge. I had these scones there–and at the Kitsap County Fair–every year until I left for college.) My mom would send $1.50 with me in my pocket every day so I could buy myself two scones between my assigned chores in the barn, my competitions, and general hanging-out with other 4-Hers. I was allowed to get the scones because the cart for Fisher Scones was just across from the Dog Barn, so there was little risk of kidnapping or getting lost.

My mom said she gave me the money for the scones because those scones were a fond memory of her own. Her Dad, my Grandpa, used to buy her scones at the fair, too.

Now, though, I haven’t seen a Fischer (Fisher?) scone since I was a kid. They didn’t have those in Idaho, either. Back here in Alexnadria, Va, I have yet to be to a county–or even state–fair to know if they have them. So that makes this recipe all the more important to me to share with my son, Logan: So he can have a taste of my childhood, and his grandmother’s childhood, too.

So this recipe–this food–isn’t just about youth and happy summer memories and good food; it is about tradition.

You can imagine how delighted–PRAISE THE LORD! kind of Delighted–I was to find this recipe at . Go to the link; there are some fabulous comments about Washington State–my home neck of the woods before Idaho–and the Puyallup Fair. 🙂


These scones come in a bagged-mix now in grocery stores...but why not just make it from scratch?

These scones come in a bagged-mix now in grocery stores…but why not just make it from scratch?


  1. Sift and measure the flour.
  2. Re-sift with other dry ingredients.
  3. Work shortening into dry ingredients with the fingers.
  4. Add rasinins to flour-fat mixture and mix thoroughly (you may omit raisins).
  5. Add milk to mixture. (If you are omitting the raisins, add another 2 Tablespoons of milk).
  6. Turn out on to a floured board and divide into two equal pieces.
  7. Roll or pat each into a round and to the thickness of biscuits (3/4 inch to a full inch).
  8. Cut into wedge shaped pieces like a pie and bake about 15 minutes at 450 degrees on an ungreased baking sheet.
  9. To serve like they do at the fair; split open but do not cut clear through. Fill with jam and close.
  10. Eat and enjoy!

7 thoughts on “Recipe:Puyallup Fair Scones

  1. These look amazing! I am going to have to try these out. I love scones, especially when smothered in jam. My fondest fair food memories include Indian Tacos (I am not sure how authentic these are, but love them nonetheless), Lamburgers (which I now make at home), Caramel Apples, and hot Elephant Ears. I love this time of year, when the local fair rolls around. I too was a 4-H kid, showing sheep and horses. In a small farming community the fair was always the way we celebrated a long year of hard work toiling on the farm getting animals and crops ready for show. What awesome memories.

    • I am excited to make these tomorrow when Matt is at work and Logan is at school; I will post the pics, of course! But I was just TOO EXCITED to keep this recipe to myself for even 24 hours! 🙂 I wanted to get it up here ASAP. 🙂

      4-H was a BLAST, wasn’t it? Granted, Dog 4-H was likely little like Sheep and Horse 4-H…for example, our animals slept in our beds with us…but it was a ton of fun.

      I love food that evokes memories! 🙂 BRING IT ON! 🙂
      …i also enjoy the Elephant Ears and “Indian Tacos”–whatever they really are. Those recipes are coming later this week…:)

  2. Hi Laura!

    THANKS for thinking of me for your event! WOW! what an honor!

    May I submit this even though it isn’t my creation? If that is OK, then I am excited to submit it an share it with more folks! 🙂 but if not, then I don’t want to break any kind of rules! 🙂

  3. I had some scones last month while traveling to Yellowstone, we stopped at a roadside restaurant outside of Saint Anthony called Jill’s Place. These appeared to be fried, looked a lot like something my mom used to make for Christmas, I don’t know how to make my mom’s but if someone has a recipe I’d love to try and make some. I had the same thing years ago at the Holiday Inn In Twin Falls.


  4. I also grew up in Puyallup, before moving to Chicago. Last year I had the chance to show my husband the Fair– he was skeptical about scones, but ended up loving them. We shared the one in the photo you used at the top of this post (I’m the person who took it). Thanks a lot for the recipe!

    • Quinn! Thanks so much for stopping by and for taking such a FANTASTIC shot! I hope you enjoy the recipe; we have! Though I don’t know if anything will ever be as fantastic as those scones at the fair! 🙂

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