…And now I can bake like a Lil’ ‘Ole Norwegian Grandma!

I FINALLY learned how to make rosettes! Don’t they look awesome? I made about 100…

I spent today baking with ladies more than twice my age.

I made Krumkake for the first time today; it tastes as good as I remember from my childhood.

I was the youngest by at least 50 years.

Some of the hundreds of sandbakkels we made…

And I loved every second of it.

Some of the items I brought home from my all-day baking: I got to use several different kinds of rosette irons, including a Christmas Tree and a Candy Cane, flower, star and snow flake. Very cool.

I baked so much with these ladies that I brought home a lot of treats for my boys. They were all too eager to finally try the goodies I’ve been talking about for years.

I think Logan’s expression says it all…

And I was all too eager to share with them a priceless piece of my childhood; an edible memory; a bit of myself, dusted with powdered sugar.

Logan eating his second Krumkake…he ate the first one before I could get a picture

Logan picked out a Krumkake to eat. He likes them as much as I do. And I like that, a lot.


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