Adventures of Logan: Superhero in Aisle 16

My personal superhero.

Logan is at the age where he is starting to be a big boy, but still holds on to wanting to be a little kid, too. So today, when he asked if he could wear his superhero cape to go grocery shopping, I said “yes.”

He used to wear costumes All.The.Time. He’d go to preschool dressed as a cowboy, or an astronaut, or a robot-astronaut-cowboy-firefighter. He often wore a tool belt and hard hat and insisted people call him, “Bob”.

And I secretly loved it.

I loved how confident he was, so happy to be who he wanted to be for an hour, an afternoon, or a whole day. Trying on numerous hats, figuring out just what felt right to him at the time. He didn’t care what other people thought, he only cared about expressing who he felt he was at that moment in time.

It dawns on me how fleeting this is, how maybe tomorrow, next week, next year he wont want to dress up anymore. He’ll be too cool for that; he’ll care more about wearing certain brands than superhero capes. He’ll worry about what others think; he’ll dress to fit-in, to blend-in, to be like his friends….

And that makes me kind of sad. I like grocery shopping with a superhero.

So when Logan asked if he could wear his cape, I thought for a split second about what people would think. I mean, he isn’t 3 anymore. And then I realized it didn’t matter. He’ll worry about that soon enough. For now, we have a mission: to shakedown a store for a hundred items on our list and make perfect strangers smile. And we did both.


6 thoughts on “Adventures of Logan: Superhero in Aisle 16

  1. Thanks! He melts my heart. I’m going to write a few more entries about his adventures out in public dressed as a superhero…we went to a couple places. The reactions were priceless and disarming. I almost feel, in retrospect, like it was a public service. 🙂 Everyone needs to see a superhero sometimes, right?

  2. Very adorable. Ali would never do anything like this. I mean, he does at home but in public…he hates to have attention drawn to himself. Kudos to Logan for his great confidence! And to a wonderful mom who cultivates it.

    • the funny thing is I don’t think Logan was really aware that he was getting attention at all…people made a fuss over it (thankfully all positive), but it was behind his back, only a couple said something to him or me directly. And I love that. I love that he can, effectively, be a superhero among us. And think he still blends in. There is something very sweet and innocent about that, about not being aware that one should care what others think–or that others think anything at all about what someone else is wearing.

  3. I look after children at home, family day care in Australia, and the children love to go out in dressups, which my daughter who is now 11 used to love to do, but now says she is embarrassed by the kids when we are out with her in their dressups. Janice

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