Adventures of Logan: Liberace Turkey wants MORE SPARKLES!

In 30 years, when someone asks me if my son has always been a manly-man, I will show them this:

Gobble, Gobble, Gold and Glitter!

Logan turned an unsuspecting black and white Xerox of a turkey into Liberace.

And I think it is fabulous.

In case you can’t make out the details, let me break it down for you:

The assignment was to “decorate” the turkey in any way he liked. The assignment sheet suggested using cereal or dried noodles. Or buttons.

But Logan could do better than that. Mommy has an entire craft room, after all, full of all kinds of whacky stuff just waiting for the opportunity to be glued to a Xeroxed turkey. It is the high point in the lives of all craft objects, really.

So Logan looked at that turkey. He studied it. He told me he wanted to paint it, then add “sparkles.”


Logan picked out the colors, then custom-mixed in glitter to the paint.

We waited for it to dry, then he showed me where to put the glue so he could put on giant, matching sequins.

Then he asked me to outline the neck, waddle, feet and bottom feathers so he could sprinkle matching glitter on to them.

Then he said, “It needs MORE SPARKLES!” and proceeded to paint the turkey in a clear glitter paint.

I had to talk Logan out of also using feathers.


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