Five Months on the Farm: Ice Storm

The weatherman used a term for rain I’d never heard before.

Now, being both from Washington state and having had a career in TV news, I thought I knew every adjective there was to describe the wet stuff from the sky. Like Eskimos have 30 words for “snow,” Washingtonians have at least a dozen words for liquid precipitation. And meteorologists? At least a baker’s dozen.

But this was a new one even for me, the expert on all things dreary.


And this morning, I got a good look at just what “glazed” means.

Glazed grass.

Our farm had been glazed. Not frosted, not iced, but glazed. Dripping in frozen rain.

Everything was coated in about a quarter-inch of ice.

What looked like puddles were actually sheets of ice. The chickens would take off running for some cracked corn and then skate down the yard. It was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen to watch our flock of barred rocks slip and slide on their way to get some treats.  The gate to the pasture had multiple levels and layers of icicles, like transparent, sparkly fringe. Beautiful.

It is about 30 degrees warmer than it has been the last few days, so the chickens were actually enjoying the weather… but not the skating.

I just can’t get over how strange the world looked.


4 thoughts on “Five Months on the Farm: Ice Storm

    • I’m trying to figure out the video feature on my phone and how to upload that to the blog…I’m hoping to get some video of it tomorrow! It is hilarious.

  1. Mother nature is fascinating. Have seen this once or twice before in Colorado as a kid. Usually in the late spring. Most treacherous driving known to me. Black ice doesn’t even come close. Pictures were gorgeous. Did the dog go out for a skate?

    • the dogs did go for a skate, yep! The basset puppy is funny anyway, but watching him slip-slide all over the yard was adorable.

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