Day 309 on the Farm: You say ‘Alpaca,’ I say ‘Lawn Mower’

Who needs a John Deere when you have a John Alpaca?

Got something new to look at in the pasture today…y’know, something more G-rated. Because my goats are too busy humping each other to actually eat the grass in the pasture, we had to bring in reinforcements. Meet our new lawnmowers!

Three alpacas.

Two white, one medium brown.


This is Asher, our brown one. Asher is my favorite.

This is Anikos and High and Mighty…

Yep. His name is High And Mighty.

Obviously, we didn’t name him.

All three are rescues.

The goats’ world is about to be rocked.

All three are also in-tact males…which makes our pasture quite the boys club.

The goats weren’t sure what to think. When we walked the Alpacas in to the pasture the little horny dudes froze and starred them down. You could cut the “WTF” with a knife.



Then something fascinating happened. All of Neighbor Delford’s cattle came running to the fence to meet their new neighbors. Then the neighborhood horses ran for their fence to get a good look at the Alpacas.

It was a scene straight out of a Disney movie.


The goats, however, were still completely freaked out. They stood back and watched as the alpacas got to work doing their job…y’know, eating the grass.

Asher introduces himself to the goats

Maybe we can be friends?

Nope. Not yet. You’re, like, 10x my size.

Alpacas had no time for this funny business. They got right to work.


5 thoughts on “Day 309 on the Farm: You say ‘Alpaca,’ I say ‘Lawn Mower’

  1. SO many questions!

    Are alpacas expensive? What care do they require? If you want to go out of town, who watches your alpacas? Do you have to shear them? Is THAT expensive? Are you going to start making your own yarn now? I totally would.

    • Alpacas range in price…we got rescue males because they are, for the most part, affordable. We spent on them what you’d spend on a very good quality electric push lawnmower. No body needs to watch the animals if we went out of town…but we’d have some friends and/or the neighbor check on them daily to make sure everything was OK. We do have to shear them–annually–and they just got sheared this week before they were delivered to us. We will do the shearing ourselves….and yes, I am going to make my own yarn with it. 🙂

  2. Sweet. Too much fun. Boy they look skinny, being sheared like that. Maybe those horny little goats will learn a lesson now about keeping the lawn trim and neat.

    Logan must have so much to talk about at school. Rachael’s daughter does Alpacas, bet she would love to visit and teach Logan how to train them.


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