The 14 most interesting things of the past 14 months

Back to our regularly scheduled blogging

Back to our regularly scheduled blogging

Sorry that took longer than I planned, but I’m back, have a lot of new recipes and stories to share, a lot more energy (more on that later) and a lot of catching up to do… So let’s get to it.

Here are the 14 most interesting things to happen in my life in the last 14 months since closing the blog. Photos coming…

14) I closed this blog because I applied for a job. A job-job. A job working with college journalists again. So, obviously, I didn’t want them to see my personal, me-in-all-my-Anthony Bourdain-lovin’-glory, un-edited and un-spell checked ramblings. But if they wanted my banana bread recipe, that would have been OK.

13) Despite it being a national search, I got the job. And this blog stayed closed. Because ain’t nothing more awkward than some snoopy, cyber-stalky college journalists knowing all about your Anthony Bourdain obsession.

12) So we packed up and moved across the country. With seven hermit crabs.

Being crabby is contagious

Being crabby is contagious

11) And we had two choices for where to live: a college apartment, or a McMansion in the country. We chose the mansion.

10) The mansion was so big we only used two of the floors. Once, as we were walking some friends out through the unused bottom floor and through the garage, a tumbleweed actually crossed in front of us. IN THE GARAGE.
# Truestory

9) The mansion had two jetted tubs. And three fireplaces, one of which was in a bathroom. I knew I wasn’t classy enough to live in a mansion when I couldn’t stop myself from telling people that and then insisting on showing them. I mean, a fireplace in.the.bathroom.

8)Despite the mansion being for sale for six years before we moved in, and being assured it wouldn’t sell while we were there, someone else thought it was beautiful, too, and bought it. We have the magic touch?

7)So we moved again (that’s five times, just since I started this blog). This time, we’re in a downtown industrial loft apartment. ‘Cause that’s the one kind of place we haven’t lived in before.

6) I bought a white couch.

5)My white couch is in my kitchen.


4) Or my kitchen is in my living room. We aren’t sure which.

3) We’re pretty sure the white couch deserves its own blog. Because, white couch.

2) Did I mention we have totally re-learned how to cook and bake according to my crazy dairy allergy? And that I lost 35lbs? And every single health problem I had before is now gone? Don’t worry, we’ll talk more about all that later.

1) and finally… Twelve hours before I was scheduled to have my gallbladder out, Logan ended up having an emergency appendectomy. In the same hospital. With the same anesthesiologists. I told him he cut in line. Since he was wheeled straight from the ER into the OR, and the gown was so big on him, the nurses gave him some XS scrubs to wear after he woke up from surgery. After I got out of surgery, and Matt was sitting by my side, we heard Logan’s little scratchy voice asking for us on the other side of the curtain. With the help of a nurse, he had walked all the way from his hospital room to mine, clear across the hospital, just to check on his mom.

That’s my sweet guy.



2 thoughts on “The 14 most interesting things of the past 14 months

  1. Glad you moved from mansion to loft, must be much more fun. But, a shame to lose the fireplace in the bathroom. That would have been cool in the winter time. A whole empty floor? What I wouldn’t give for a whole empty floor to do with what I want.

    Hope you are both improving and moving and almost ready to dance again. Or skip, or jump, or stand on your heads. Whatever you want to do.

    • Living in the McMansion was a lovely experience, but with a power bill twice the size of my car payment, I’m glad to be in a smaller space now!

      We’re healing up…:) Logan feels better than he’s supposed to act ( it’s hard to keep a kid still) but we’re all feeling a lot better mostly. Thanks for checking!

      How are you?? Any summer projects?

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