Sometimes I brush my hair and look like this. Sometimes.

Hi, I’m Candace. I used to be a lot of really cool things— but now I’m a homemaker. And I’m terrible at it.

The only thing I can do well around the house is bake and cook. So I do that. Every day.

About a year ago we moved to our own little organic farm…We raise free-range and organically fed chickens and eggs and are planning to add dairy goats soon…and if I get my way, a pig. Or two. This year will be my first attempt at growing enough produce to preserve for an entire year. So far, it’s not quite going as planned.

I like unsweet iced tea (that’s how you know I’m not from around these parts), red lipstick and, according to my son’s latest homework assignment, mopping.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi

    We are interested in sending you some information about the launch of an exciting new Green Website. Do you have an email address that we could send this information to?

    Thank you

    Ari Stein

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  3. Hi nice to connect with you I’m a woman rancher in Southern California farming and ranching have always been my way of life. Since producing a product for the world of gardening I have enjoyed learning and reading blogs just like yours. Thank you for the shares I look forward to hearing more about your adventures. Here’s to living and eating a healthier life style Annie

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