Day 50 on the Farm: Pictures

Matt managed to solve the mystery of why my camera has been on strike, so today I present to you, oh faithful and patient readers and followers: pictures.

Perfect the Pygmy Goat…one guess who named him. Anyone? It was the same person who tried to name our dog “Uncle Evan’s Dirt Bike”…any takers out there?

This is “Perfect”. He does not live up to his name. In this picture I took tonight he is getting ready to jump in to his trough because he thinks I am going to feed him my camera. Why? Because he eats his food by standing on it, and because if I’m in the pasture it must be because I’m bringing him food…like a camera. Yum. Tastes Expensive.

Like I said, he doesn’t quite live up to his name. But that’s OK. Here at The Farm you don’t have to do much besides bring your weight in laughs–and Perfect certainly does.

…Remember when the well went dry right after we moved here? And remember how I was secretly excited that the men folk had to dig up the ground because it meant I could have a garden? Well GUESS WHAT!

Baby Acorn Squash

We have babies!

Is Baby Watermelon not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?

Lots and Lots of Little Babies!

Baby Cantaloupe

Babies of all shapes and sizes…but only one color so far.

Baby Pumpkin

But soon enough they will be yellow, orange, red and…well, let’s be honest. Some of them will still be green. But we will love them anyway.

AFTER:…BAM! GARDEN! Want to talk about “Silver Linings”? Its that “long, skinny garden you always wanted”…

Neighbor Delford will be proud.


BEFORE: Um….yeah….well, at least we got a garden out of that.

…or maybe not “proud” in the usual sense of the word…but more like “not totally ashamed to call me his neighbor“.